Imagine TallShip Unicorn as your brand ambassador!

This historic 110’ Topsail Schooner is seeking a sponsor. Picture this beautiful vessel representing your brand at TallShip festivals, Schooner Races, historic re-enactments and commemorations. Check out her history at and contact us for more information at #sponsorship #brandambassador #historic #races #vessel #yourbrand #festival #SchoonerRace #Marketing

Unicorn refit as proposed.
Unicorn Refit as proposed Port bow

75 Years ago today

So many died today to liberate us and to keep us free from the tyranny of the National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI Party)… let us not forget their sacrifice and let us live worthy of the privilege they bestowed upon us.

No Wake zone

Standby for heavy seas

That moment when you were trying to weigh anchor but the tugboat captain is ignoring the no wake zone.

חנוכה שמח Happy Chanukah!

חנוכה שמח  Happy Chanukah!

We wish you a peaceful and joyful time with family and friends on this final day of Chanukah!  Remembering the miraculous deliverance of our people from the tyranny of the majority, those who would compel us to abandon our faith.  חג שמח