Ahoy! All ye history buffs, salts, swabs, digital sailors and lubbers!

Welcome to The Unicorn Scuttlebutt!  We’ll be posting regular updates here concerning the latest developments with the ship.  We’re currently on year two of our extensive refit and we’re sure everyone will be pleased with the end result.  We’re learning a lot about the ol’ girl along the way, and taking the challenge head on!  It’s a rewarding process and let’s face it… there’s nothing quite so magical as getting out in open water under a stiff breeze on an easy swell!  Feeling her decks come to life beneath your feet and her rigging full with the energy of the wind on a broad reach!  Well all of this jawin’ is getting me inspired so I’d better get off my tail and back to bringing this project a little closer to the finish!  No ship is meant to just sit at the dock and we’ve got a lot of work to do before we’re ready to cast off lines!  Make sure to bookmark our page and follow us @TallShipUnicorn on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!  Fair winds to you all until next time!


-CAPT Jason 

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