The Quarterdeck

Welcome aboard!  We’re always pleased to see new guests onboard.  Here you’ve found the official website of the TallShip Unicorn.  Browse around to your hearts content and learn about this amazing ship!  As with every ship, this website is a work in progress, so check back with us often so you don’t miss out!

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We hope to see you on deck soon!

Our Course

TallShip Unicorn is a historic steel hull, topsail schooner whose story begins in the midst of WWII.  Read more about her unique and fascinating history Here!  Currently she is being refit to provide a safe and intriguing environment for her guests and observers.  The general public will be invited to tour our weather decks free of charge during predetermined hours.  You will be invited to explore the weather decks at your leisure and interact with crew at their stations.

Educational and creative activities lead by knowledgeable crew members will be available for and tailored to the individual participants age and skill level for a small fee.  These activities will result in a souvenir reflecting the sailors skills learned during the activity.

Guest cabins will be available through Airbnb and overnight guests staying aboard on activity days will have the opportunity to participate in a paid activity included in their cabin package.

TallShip Unicorn brings with her a sense of wonder and a palpable connection to history and the days of sail.  Her own unique origins and fascinating story makes her a perfect venue for history enthusiasts of all ages.  Her classic appearance provides an allure and intrigue, inspiring curiosity and attracting the attention of people of all backgrounds and interests.  She is currently seeking a permanent berth in Hampton Roads and is sure to compliment any dockside facility.

To learn more, please contact us here!

Carpenter’s Locker

In 2016, we began a major refit of the Unicorn.  The project began with replacement of the fire and gray water pumps, then moved on to update the forepeak, installation of an elevated foredeck and the replacement of the planking on the weatherdecks and housetops.

Remaining on the task list are the finishing of the weather decks, prep, prime and paint freshwater tanks, design and installation of a chillwater a/c system with air handlers in all manned spaces, installation of  diesel heat system, redesign of black water system, installation of new custom refer/freezer unit in the galley, elevation of the fo’c’sle bulwarks, remodel of wheelhouse, reballast, inspection and maintenance of rigging and tackle, prep, prime and paint superstructure, sand and varnish rails, and finally a haul out in 2020 for hull, through hull and packing maintenance, prime and anti fouling coating.

Unicorn will once again welcome guests dockside, with a opening of our cabin calendars on Airbnb, currently scheduled for the spring of 2019.  We look forward to hosting you on your visit to the Historic Triangle and the Tidewater area of Virginia!  Please check back often and follow us @TallShipUnicorn on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

The Tall Ship Unicorn Scuttlebutt

No Wake zone

That moment when you were trying to weigh anchor but the tugboat captain is ignoring the no wake zone.