Saint Mary's College Partnership Program

Chart Your Course™

“I enjoyed being in an environment where I felt comfortable pushing myself to try things I had never done before. I felt energized to push myself to new limits. The combination of fresh air, hard physical labor, supportive peers and a knowledgeable crew and team of BeamPines facilitators allowed me to feel safe in opening myself to new learnings and relationships.” Nancy Small ~ Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer ~ Shop America Club
“I am always interested in opportunities to get feedback and more importantly to better understand my development needs and tools to help achieve those. The Chart Your Course program exceeded my expectations from a participant perspective. I thoroughly enjoyed the other women, both participants and facilitators, that comprised the group.” Elizabeth Payne ~ Vice President Global Human Resources ~ Godiva Chocolatier
“I have a greater sense of self worth and confidence in myself to 'let go' of leadership positions at proper times realizing that a better leader can step back and allow others to succeed, thus succeeding yourself.” Lisa Annunziata ~ Director Human Resources ~ Pinnacle Foods

Our Women Take the Helm