Executive Development Program

Executive Team Mobilization

The Unicorn in association with BeamPines, the Human Resource professionals, offers a proven on-board Team Mobilization program that is based on a model consisting of five behaviors that build on each other:

Understanding these behaviors comes from years of experience in observing, participating in and working at developing effective teams.

Each behavior flows from the other. It begins with trust. Trust enables team members to be straight with each other. Open and honest communication leads to clarity and focus. Members know where they are headed, how they will get there and why they will be successful. Focus leads to espirit de corps - enthusiastic commitment to and support of a common goal and shared objectives. This, in turn, generates determination, dedication and bias for action.

“We learned first hand on the Tallship Unicorn that a rope with a purpose is a line, and that a group of individuals with a common purpose is a Team.” Lynn Ambrosia ~ VP/General Manager,
Campbell Soup Company ~ Camden, NJ

The Unicorn and her professional crew provide a classroom at sea bringing your team together to leverage talents and generate strategies for accomplishing your mission. We emphasize focus of effort and do not waste your time. Contact us for further information on how your executive team can benefit from a custom designed program aboard.