Executive Development Program

Chart Your Course™

Chart Your Course™, designed by BeamPines, Inc., internationally recognized human resources consulting firm headquartered in New York City, is a women's leadership development program that puts women at the helm. This unique approach to professional development focuses on five key competencies:

Through the use of the traditionally rigged Tallship Unicorn as the experiential learning-lab, the program delivers long-lasting impact. Executive women from diverse backgrounds who are committed to professional learning and growth are welcome to climb aboard.

The full program, which can also be unbundled, combines a comprehensive assessment and feedback session to develop a growth plan with a hands-on, shared-learning experience aboard the Unicorn. Over a six-month timeframe, the land-based program continues with five interactive workshops addressing essential information of the five key competencies and its specific application in the career and broader life of each executive woman. Building on the feedback from the initial assessment and developing awareness from the workshops, individual coaching is encouraged to support each woman's individual growth plan. Private meetings take place on a monthly basis, with telephone and e-mail supplements providing support to the candidate in continuing to refine specific goals and achieve milestones. The candidates are challenged to apply newly acquired competencies in measurable actions at work and in their broader live.

“I enjoyed being in an environment where I felt comfortable pushing myself to try things I had never done before. I felt energized to push myself to new limits. The combination of fresh air, hard physical labor, supportive peers and a knowledgeable crew and team of BeamPines facilitators allowed me to feel safe in opening myself to new learnings and relationships.” Nancy Small ~ Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer ~ Shop America Club

Why women on a Tallship?

Photo by: Jessica Marsan/Rapid Image

Dawn Santamaria, Executive Director for Chart Your Course™, has first hand experience with the unfamiliarity that most women experience aboard a 110-foot schooner. She explains, “Women and tallships are not typically thought to be natural partners. The ship experience is truly the unique determining factor in this program as it provides unfamiliarity and unpredictability; creating an immediate ‘comfort zone’ issue for most women. Not only do we address these emotions head-on within the program, but they are overcome and in the end welcomed feelings, because the women go from A to Z. …full circle… and recognize that to experience growth, we all must overcome risk.”