About Tallship Unicorn

Tiffany Krihwan

In her second year as Captain aboard Unicorn, Tiffany Krihwan comes from a distinguished career aboard sailing vessels of all sizes and missions. In more than 20 years on boats, her passion for sailing has found her in command of every category of sailing vessel from racing dinghies to chartered yachts to tall ships.

Beginning at age 10 as a racer of Thistles and Flying Juniors, Tiffany's racing career reached as high as the semi-finals of the junior circuit for the Rolex Cup. Next came work teaching aboard research and educational vessels, but from her first step as chief mate aboard Appledore IV in 1997, her love for tall ships was born.

Tiffany has worked in almost every capacity aboard tall ships from deckhand to master, thus honing her skills while continuing her educational development. She has served as Chief Mate aboard the legendary Pride of Baltimore II. She has also served as Captain of the 138-foot 3-masted Schooner Denis Sullivan as well as Schooner Roseway. Before joining Unicorn and the Sisters Under Sail Program in 2007, she was Chief Mate and Relief Captain of the Brigantine Exy Johnson in Los Angeles CA. The Sisters Under Sail program continues to sharpen Tiffany's leadership skills in the Tall Ship industry by opening doors and presenting new challenges.

Among many other awards, she is a recipient of the Rod Stephens Trophy for Outstanding Seamanship, the 2001 Governor’s Award for Environmental Education Excellence. As part of a team of three she won the Arthur B. Hanson Rescue Medal from US SAILING for the rescue at sea of a lost seaman.

Although she has a passion for and an educational background in Environmental Science from Edinboro University, she holds numerous mariners’ licenses and certificates from the United States Coast Guard; for a career she would not do anything else in this world. When she is not aboard the ship she finds herself spending time with her family in Western New York and Pennsylvania.